Planning Design and Modelling of Water Reticulation/Distribution  System

First Principle and Use of Epanet software for Modelling and Simulation

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 Training Objectives                                                                                                   

The objective of the training is to teach participants the basics in planning, designing and modeling of water demand, and distribution of large infrastructure projects, estate and districts. Participants will learn the fundamentals of practical design approach from first principles. Also participants will be introduced to the use of computer software called Epanet to model and stimulate the network and see its practicability.

The materials used for the training is drawn from the International Master Course of the University of Stuttgart, Water Resources Engineering and Management (WAREM). German Code and Standards will be applied during the training

Wasser & Bau is offering this training as part of its  vision to develop   Infrastructure engineers within the Nigerian engineering community with capacity to design and model infrastructure systems in Nigeria. This initiative is aims at filling the space hitherto manned by foreign expariates due to lack of qualified design professionals in these areas.

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The course is designed for professional researchers, civil engineers, project managers, water resource consultants, infrastructure consultants, and young engineers active in the environmental and water resources sector. It is especially for those involved in planning and management of infrastructures such as water supply system, urban design, telecommunication etc.

 COURSE CONTENTS                                                                                                    

Water Demand and Population projections

Water Collection. Water Supply Systems
Pressure Zones. Pumps. Pumping Stations. Power Boosters.

Water Storage. Hydraulics for pumping design
Water Transmission and Distribution,
Dimensioning and calculation of a branched pipe system

Presentation and Discussion of Step 1: Water Demand Calculation
Presentation and Discussion of Step 2: Check of Sources, Water Collection
Presentation and Discussion of Step 3: Layout Plan of Water Supply System
Presentation and Discussion of Step 4: Dimensioning and Hydraulic Calculation
Presentation and Discussion of Step 5: Design of Water Supply System:

About EPANET                                                                                                          

EPANET is software that models water distribution piping systems. EPANET performs extended period simulation of the water movement and quality behavior within pressurized pipe networks of any size

EPANET provides a fully equipped, extended-period hydraulic analysis package that can:
Simulate systems of any size
Compute friction head loss using Hazen-Williams, Darcy Weisbach, or Chezy-Manning

  • Include minor head losses for bends, fittings, etc.
  • Model constant or variable speed pumps
  • Compute pumping energy and cost
  • Model various types of valves, including shutoff, check, pressure regulating, and flow
  • Account for any shape storage tanks (i.e., surface area can vary with height)
  • Consider multiple demand categories at nodes, each with its own pattern of time
  • Model pressure-dependent flow issuing from sprinkler heads
  • Base system operation on simple tank level, timer controls or complex rule-based

Computer Application
Hydraulic Analysis
Pipe Network Analysis
Peak Hours and Different Scenarios


Training  Dates:

Thursday 23 – Saturday 25 September 2021

via zoom

3pm – 6pm


The Course Fee is twenty-five  Thousand (N25, 000.00) Naira only per participant.The Fee covers Software, Workshop Materials, videos, Certificate of Participation

Payment and Registration
Name: Wasser & Bau
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Bank: Stanbic IBTC Bank


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