High-impact learning

Wasser & Bau  Capability Building programs are customized to achieve specific objectives, with content tailored by industry, company and role. Participants understand exactly how the training connects to their jobs.

Subject mastery

We start by providing a strong foundation, layer on more complex concepts and reinforce learning with exercises to maximize retention.

An interactive experience

We don’t just lecture. Our experts use a variety of delivery methods and creative approaches, including simulations, gaming and small-group learning, to keep programs engaging and fun

Energy and inspiration

Feedback consistently demonstrates that employees who participate in our Capability Building programs are more engaged and feel reinvigorated and supported as they sharpen their skills.

At Wasser & Bau we pride ourselves on collaborating with our clients to deliver “results that stick.” Our Capability Building team provides customised learning experiences led by Bain experts who combine deep domain knowledge with real-world perspectives. From zero-based budgeting to inspirational leadership, from the most senior executives to the front line, our programs ensure your teams have the strategic capabilities they need to outperform.

The challenges facing utility companies around the globe include increased competition, limited government subsidies, stricter CO2 regulations, customer churn and technological disruption. Bain works with utilities to turn these challenges into opportunities by strengthening their core business, expanding into adjacencies, improving operational efficiencies, and retaining and expanding their customer base.