Erosion Management Services

From our origins as  an erosion control contractor in Nigeria over 5 years ago, We has grown to serve all of South-East and South-South of Nigeria and several surrounding states with a full range of environmental site solutions.

We are now a turn-key provider of environmental services from erosion control to site beautification.

Our service fall into these categories:

Water Engineering/Treatment

  • Borehole drilling and distribution
  • Water treatment
  • Procurement & installation of recycling plant


  • Dams Inventory
  • Watershed Hydrology
  • Sitting of Dams
  • Spillway Hydrology + Design
  • Foundation Investigations
  • Geophysical + Siesemic Mapping, Sedimentation Studies
  • Underwater Investigation
  • Construction of Hydro & Thermal Water plants
  • Safety Inspection
  • Dam instrumentation, Installation + Monitoring
  • Reservoir Rims Surveys
  • Dam Design
  • Environment Impact Assessment
  • Dam Break Simulation – Inundation Studies
  • Water Quality Studies

Erosion Control – Standard Services

  • Silt Fence
  • Tree Protection Fence
    • Hydroseeding
    • Permanent and Temporary grassing
    • Inlet Protection
    • Construction Entrances

Erosion Control – Specialty Materials

  • Tree planting
    • Polymer Application
    • Coconut Waddles & Matting
    • Silt Saver Domes & Covers
    • Special Mix Grasses
  • Solid Waste disposal

Sewage Disposal Services

  • Design and Build Services
  • Sewage disposal
  • Biological treatment
  • Incineration services
  • Water infrastructures
  • Civil and Mechanical Support
  • General Evacuation

Waste and Water Treatment

  • Water` Management
  • Water Treatment
  • Sewage Treatment
  • Rural Water supply schemes

GIS Mapping of Erosion Sites

  • Erosion Sites Mapping
  • Digital Elevation Modeling (DEM)
  • Road network analysis
  • Watershed management
  • Grid based models for erosion and distance
  • Data integration for Land Use planning for highways and railways
  • Geoprocessing and Georeferencing of Neighborhood Area
  • Spatial Analysis of Soil Erosion

Examples of area we have applied GIS

  • Environmental Sciences
  • Monitoring Erosion Sites
  • Modeling storm water runoff
  • Management of watersheds, floodplains, wetlands, forests, aquifers
  • Environmental Impact Analysis
  • Civil Engineering/Utility
  • Locating underground facilities
  • Designing alignment for freeways, transit
  • Coordination of infrastructure maintenance
  • Engineering construction
  • Water distribution analysis
  • Traffic management analysis
  • Soil analysis
  • Site feasibility analysis
  • Environment impact analysis

Why use our GIS solutions?

  • improves/enhances the effects
  •  of physical/environmental growth
  • better management of resources
  • adding new value-added services
  • perform analysis on spatial and non spatial components
  • fast recall of data
  • ability for complex analysis
  • recalling of non spatial data through object location
  • display of information in a different light/view
  • multiple scenario in planning can be performed easily

Erosion and Flooding

  • Evaluation of Watershed Management and Erosion problems
  • Assessment of  Land Use Practices
  • Prediction of erosion and Sedimentation Trends
  • Geotechnical Investigations
  • Design of Control Measures
  • Watershed Management studies
  • Resettlement Investigations