Module 1- Energy Auditing

Code and Standard

ASHRAE Standards

ISO 50001

Audit Levels Audits


Green Building

LEED Certification

Portfolio Manager


Module 2- Energy Efficiency                     

HVAC Systems

Lighting Systems

Boilers and Steam System

Energy Saving Measures

Thermal Energy

Electric Motors

Industrial Systems

Module 4 – Energy and Electric Basic                         

Demand and Energy

Real Power & Power factor

Load Factor Phase Systems

Affinity Laws & Harmonics

Variable Systems

Pump and Motor Laws

Heat Transfer

Psychrometric Charts

Degree Days

Lighting Systems

CHP & thermal Cycles

Module 3 –Cost Analysis& Accounting                         

Simple Pay Back

Life Cycle Cost Method

Time Value of Money

Present Worth Method

Net Present Value

Internal Rate of Return

Point of Use Cost

Interest Formulas and Tables

Annual Cost Method

Depreciation Methods