Energy Audit & Energy Efficiency

Conservation of electricity is of prime importance for industrial growth. An informal survey indicates that by scientific use of electricity, fuels and water, energy bills can be brought down up to 20%. Besides, it also enhances the longevity of machineries and there would be reduction in repair and maintenance by about 10%.

We introduce ourselves, as Energy Conservation Consultants and our services have been instrumental in energy savings of 5 to 25%. In order to guide the industrial consumers for scientific use of electricity, fuel and water, a service organization is planned. Our services include energy audit and design, supply & installation all the associated energy saving equipments, where the payback period will be around one year or less.

Our Team of Qualified Engineers would visit your Works and offer you a Demonstration in each area, wherever it is possible to save Energy, to establish Savings and Pay Back. We offer you innovative Solutions, to enable an Educated & Informed procurement decision based on Hard Evidence of Savings & Pay Back.

The Audit Cell consists of faculty experts drawn from various disciplines like electrical, mechanical etc. Our Audit Cell headed by the promoter himself who is an electrical engineer with 10 years experience in energy efficiency. We have two numbers of BEE certified energy auditor, two numbers of BEE certified part-time energy auditor and two retired engineer as our advisors.

FUNCTION, The Energy Audit Cell has the expertise and facility for the following

  • Energy Audit Studies
  • Electrical Safety Audit
  • Power Quality
  • Harmonic Analysis and its
  • Load Management Studies
  • Efficiency Study of Motors/ Compressors/ Pumps/ Lamps/Air- Conditioners/ Street Light, Electronic ballasts etc.
  • Analysis and Design of Industrial / Building Distribution System

We also undertake comprehensive energy audit for the following field with association with experienced organizations like THERMAX LIMITED, Bhubaneswar and OPEL ENERGY SYSTEMS PVT. LTD., Pune.

  • Thermal Energy
  • Water
  • Compressed Air
  • Refrigeration
  • Cooling

The following energy audit structure is prepared for developing energy efficiency projects to be implemented. The building/industrial energy system data collection and analysis can be conducted in modular way.

  • Industry/ Building Energy bills analysis
  • Electrical supply and distribution system analysis
  • Lighting system analysis
  • Fan consumption analysis
  • Air conditioning & Refrigeration system analysis
  • Water pumping system analysis
  • Motor/ Compressor systems analysis
  • D.G. Sets analysis
  • Boiler Performance analysis
  • Earthing System analysis
  • Lightning Circuit analysis
  • Reactive Compensation & Power Quality
  • Neutral Current Analysis
  • Harmonics Effects analysis

By performing an energy audit, we’ll be able to quantify

  • Current conditions vs. proposed conditions analysis
  • Various Energy Conservation measures that can be taken up
  • Energy efficiency technologies that can be adopted
  • Potential for renewable energy and energy conversion
  • Projected course of action analysis
  •   Projected timeline for project completion
  • Total KW and KVA demand
  • Annual kWh savings & cost savings
  • Annual ROI analysis
  • Payback period analysis
  • Electrical Safety analysis
  • Reactive Compensation & Power Quality
  • Solution for Harmonic

We’re strongly believed that our expert services and quality products will enable you to achieve the following benefits.

  • Overall saving in energy bills to the extent of 10% to 20%.
  • Energy saving in Lightings, Fans, Air Conditioners, Pumps, D.G. Sets, Compressors

and Motors, Furnace, Boilers

  • Evaluate the possibility of different automatic operation and control of your


  • Minimize Penalty for Lower Power Factor and Overdraw of Maximum Contract Demand.
  • Improved power quality thereby enhancing the efficiency and life of your machines

and utilities.

  • Improved Earthing Systems, Balanced Neutral Current and improved Power Factor
  • Establishing accurately present performance level of Energy Consumption.
  • Assessing the performance efficiency of utility systems & equipment
  • Improve your company’s image by “greening up.”
  • Reduce your company’s environmental impact.