Water Resources Engineering

Wasser & Bau has been involved in major large scales water supply projects for over nine (5) years. We provided water resource engineering expertise in virtually every speciality within the field. Our approach to embark on turnkey development precludes our interest to offer engineering, Procurement and construction services.                                                                         The company engages in comprehensive planning to include Hydro-geological, Hydro-geophysical, Hydrological, Topographical and Mapping through design of the water distribution network,                                                                                                                                                The following is a representation of the types of projects, which we have successfully completed.

  • Preliminary concept studies and planning
  • Preliminary design and cost analysis
  • Digital mapping
  • Design and construction of dams and embankment with management overview.
  • Design and construction of pipe network with optimization programs
  • Design and construction of underground and overhead storage tanks
  • Design and construction of boreholes and pump houses
  • Feasibility studies, financing alternative and funding sources
  • Design and Construction of dams.

Scope of   Work Contracting

Wasser & Bau within its role as a project house, has the total capability to act as Water Resources Engineering, undertaking the complete design, its procurement, construction, installation and commissioning of any Hydro/Water project. The company prides itself on its ability to adapt to meet the needs of the client. The key to this is liaison, co-ordination and co-operation. Upon receipt of a contract we appoint one of our project managers to the project and wherever possible. They will remain in control of it, through design, procurement, construction, commissioning and handover. His prime role is to be focal point through which contact is maintained with the client, the engineer or consultant, other contractors and sub-contractors, and the various section of the company, such as Engineering and drawing office, procurement, planning, inspection, shipping and the site establishment.

Our company technical operation spans the following fields. Dams, Hydropower, Water, Irrigation and Civil Engineering Services. Its environmental operation has interest in aesthetics and hit-tech designs and allied systems with special interest in biotechnology for engineering environments.

We executed many water resources projects in the country and therefore have acquired a lot of experience that will be put to use in any project. We not only have the competence requirements for this assignments or projects, but have gone a set further to team up with other specialist organizations.                                                                                                                                                                                   Our competence is strong in engineering, the earth sciences (Geology, Hydrology, Geophysics), GIS, Environmental Sciences, Surveys and Computer applications for water resources exploration, evaluation, exploitation, hydrochemistry, quality control and management. We intend to deploy all these resources available to us to the execution of these projects within the context of best practices in the water industry.

We are wholly indigenous company that has gathered substantial experience in Nigeria. We are very familiar with the project areas in building; Dams construction (Small, Medium, Big), Underground Water development, Irrigation, Hydropower etc.