Our available training delivery options

At Wasser and Bau, all training programmes are streamlined to a particular area of concentration with respect to the needs assessment.

We believe that the end result of any training or learning intervention should show a significant return on investment, whether it is increased performance, profitability or efficiencies. But no matter what option you choose, you will receive more importantly the most in-depth and practical training available anywhere in the world.

About our public training courses

Our public training courses provide a quick and easy way for a corporate organization or a small team to quickly get up to speed on specific skills sets. These courses are scheduled throughout the year and are held in professional training facilities across the length and breadth of Nigeria and Germany.

About our onsite/in-house training option

This option provides a more economic and convenient training solution for companies with 8 or more Course Participants. Any of our training courses can be supplied off-the-shelf or they can be customized to meet the unique needs of your team. Our engineers and scientist are uniquely qualified to help you and they take all of the guesswork and worrying, out of the equation